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Public Member Functions

 LinearColorMap (const QColor &, const QColor &)
 LinearColorMap ()
double lowerBound ()
 Get the lower range limit.
void setIntensityRange (double vmin, double vmax)
 Set the intensity range.
double upperBound ()
 Get the upper range limit.

Private Member Functions

 LinearColorMap (const LinearColorMap &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LinearColorMap::LinearColorMap (  ) 

LinearColorMap::LinearColorMap ( const QColor &  ,
const QColor &   

LinearColorMap::LinearColorMap ( const LinearColorMap  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

double LinearColorMap::lowerBound (  ) 

Get the lower range limit.

void LinearColorMap::setIntensityRange ( double  vmin,
double  vmax 

Set the intensity range.

double LinearColorMap::upperBound (  ) 

Get the upper range limit.

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