The Table Toolbar

This toolbar provides single-click access to the Plot Menu commands. These are used to plot data from tables.

Figure 4-5. The QtiPlot Table Toolbar

Table 4-17. Table toolbar commands.

Line Plots Line, Horizontal Steps, Vertical Steps
Scatter Plots Scatter, Vertical Drop Lines
Line & Symbol Plots Line+Symbol, Spline
Bar Chart Plots Columns, Rows, Stack Column, Stack Bar
plot -> Area Plots selected data using area style.
plot -> 2D BW Pie Chart Plots selected data using pie style.
Statistical Plots Box, Histogram, Stacked Histogram, Stem-Leaf
Vector Plots Vectors XYXY. Vectors XYAM
Special Line/Symbol Plots Double-Y, Waterfall, Zoom, Vert. 2 Layer, Horiz. 2-Layer, 4 Layer, Stacked Layer, Custom
3D Plots Bars, Ribbons, Scatter, Trajectory

Table 4-18. Line Plots

plot -> Line Plots selected data using line style.
plot -> Horizontal Steps Plots selected data using horizontal steps style.
plot -> Vertical Steps Plots selected data using vertical steps style.

Table 4-19. Scatter Plots

plot -> Scatter Plots selected data using scatter style.
plot -> Scatter Central Plots a graph of the selected data columns using "Scatter" style and the X and Y axes located in the middle of the layer.
plot -> Vertical Drop Lines Plots selected data using vertical drop lines style.
plot -> Bubble Plots selected data using indexed sizes for the plot symbols.

Table 4-20. Line & Symbol Plots

plot -> Line+Symbol Plots selected data using line+symbol style.
plot -> Spline Plots the selected data columns using spline style.

Table 4-21. Bar Chart Plots

plot -> Columns Plots selected data using columns style.
plot -> Rows Plots selected data using rows style.
plot -> Special Bar/Column -> Stack Column Plots selected data using stack column style.
plot -> Special Bar/Column -> Stack Bar Plots selected data using stack row style.

Table 4-22. Statistical Plots

plot -> Box Plot Plots selected data using Box style.
plot -> Histogram Plots selected data using histogram style.
plot -> Stacked Histogram Plots selected data using stacked histogram style.
plot -> Stem and Leaf Plots selected data using Stem and Leaf style.

Table 4-23. Vector Plots

plot -> Vectors XYXY Plots selected data using xyxy vector style.
plot -> Vectors XYAM Plots selected data using xyam vector style.

Table 4-24. Special Line/Symbol Plots

plot -> Double-Y Plots selected data using two different y axes.
plot -> Waterfall Creates a Waterfall plot from a series of selected columns.
plot -> Zoom Plots selected data in one plot layer along with a magnified region of that data in another plot layer on the same graph window.
plot -> Vertical 2 Layers Plot 2 vertically arranged layers on the same graph window.
plot -> Horizontal 2 Layers Plot 2 horizontally arranged layers on the same graph window.
plot -> 4 Layers Plot 4 layers on the same graph window.
plot -> Stacked Layers Plot a stacked layer for each selected column, all on the same graph window.
plot -> Custom Layout... Opens the Arrange Layers dialog to set up custom layouts.

Table 4-25. 3D Plots

plot -> Bars Plots selected data using 3D bars style.
plot -> Ribbons Plots selected data using 3D ribbons style.
plot -> Scatter Plots selected data using 3D scatter style.
plot -> Trajectory Plots selected data using trajectory style.