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2017/09/26 - QtiPlot release available. New features and improvements:
  • Added two new 2D plot styles: Color Mapped and Bubble + Color Mapped symbols.
  • Improved import of OriginLab files and added support for importing old version format files (*.ORG).
  • Added the possibility to enable/disable data margins via the 2D Plots tab of the "Preferences" dialog. The margins are the space added before and after the range of data values along each axis scale.
  • Update multilayer fonts after closing the font dialog launched via the fonts tab of the plot details dialog.
  • In the fit wizard the weighting method is automatically set to "instrumental" if the selected data set has error bars.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed exporting of 2D plot texts at high resolutions.
  • Fixed the calculation of the number of bins in the Frequency Count dialog.
  • Fixed incrementing bin values in histograms.
  • Fixed a bug in the "General Plot Options" dialog preventing the title of a 2D plot axis from being edited if the axis has just been enabled.
  • Fixed a bug preventing error bars from being added to a 2D plot curve with abscissas from text strings.
  • Fixed the display of the number of minor ticks in the 2D plot axes dialog.
  • Fixed drawing of 2D data symbols for plots with very high canvas zoom.
  • The "Preferences" dialog no longer exits after choosing the default font options on macOS.
  • Fixed import of *.OTP and *.OTM OriginLab files (graph and matrix window templates).
  • Fixed export to OriginC files.

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