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2017/11/03 - QtiPlot release available. New features and improvements:
  • Added real vectorial export of 2D plots to PostScript (*.ps) and PDF formats.
  • Improved export of 2D plots to Encapsulated PostScript vectorial format (*.eps).
  • Improved export of 2D plots to SVG.
  • Export of animated 3D plots to movies (*.avi) is available now on all platforms.
  • Added the possibility to customize the image quality when exporting 3D plots to AVI.
  • Improved the quick help window: the search results are highlighted more visibly and also added two buttons for the next and the previous help pages.
  • Improved double Y plots: the ticks for the left and right axes are now synchronised.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed export to PostScript of 2D ellipse symbols with size zero.
  • Fixed possible crashes in import ASCII wizard.

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