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2016/12/12 - QtiPlot release available. New features and improvements:
  • Added support for high DPI screens.
  • Added support for the import of OriginLab 2017 (9.4) projects.
  • Improved export to Origin C files.
  • Improved plot details dialog: lines/arrows in the 2D plot layers can also be customized via this dialog.
  • Improved spectrogram values page in the plot details dialog: users can now resample the source data matrix in order to customize the resolution.
  • The maximum number of major ticks can now be defined independently for each 2D plot layer.
  • Improved Python API and added a new Column class that allows to directly manipulate table columns.
  • Improved import of .csv ASCII files to tables.
  • Improved keyboard interaction with tables: pressing the Enterkey on the numerical pad also moves the cursor one field down.
  • Added the possibility to nest the dock widgets (the Project Explorer, the Results Log, the Scripting Console, etc).
  • Improved double Y axes plots.
  • Improved creation of auto axis titles in 2D plots.
Bug fixes:
  • Ported QwtPlot3D library to QOpenGLWidget which fixes problems with 3D plot windows staying on top of other windows on macOS.
  • Fixed drawing of 2D plot legends: symbols/texts for hidden curves are no longer displayed.
  • Fixed drawing of 2D plot curves with spline line style when the layer XY axes are exchanged.
  • Fixed drawing of line/arrows in 2D plots.
  • Fixed changing matrix name for spectrograms in plot details dialog.
  • Fixed import of images to existing matrices.
  • Fixed removing matrices from 2D plots via the Add/Remove curve dialog.
  • Fixed drawing of rectangles/ellipses onto 2D plots.
  • Fixed bug affecting the maximum number of major ticks for a 2D plot axis.
  • Fixed the calculation of the values in the covariance matrix reported by the Fit Wizard: the values are now scaled with Chi^2/doF when the option Scale Errors with sqrt(Chi^2/doF) is checked.
  • Fixed mask data tools and drawing of masked points in 2D plot curves.
  • Fixed two colors gradient editor.
  • Fixed posible crash in Python scripts using Table.colData() function.

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