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2017/03/06 - QtiPlot release available. New features and improvements:
  • Improved TDMS files import dialog: the data preview plot is included into the dialog and may be shown/hidden by the user.
  • Added the possibility to also define a special tick label for the end of a 2D plot axis.
  • Added support for the import of PDF image files.
  • Improved resampling of matrices using bilinear/bicubic interpolation.
  • Better support for tiling/cascading project windows via Python scripts.
  • Improved table to matrix conversion using the 2D binning method and also improved the look and feel of the corresponding user dialog.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed saving/restoring of the canvas background image for 2D plots.
  • Fixed restoring of special tick labels.
  • Fixed export of 2D plots to custom size images and the option to clip the space around plot layers enabled.
  • Fixed export to OriginC files: special characters and diacritics are removed from window names.
  • Fixed drawing of error bars: they no longer intrude into some the default symbols.
  • Fixed updating the working directory path when importing files via the plugin system.
  • Fixed restoring of function curves in the case of 2D plots with logarithmic abscissas.
  • Fixed possible crash on macOS when opening a file from Finder.
  • Fixed printing dialog on Windows 64bit systems.

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